ZERO strikes at Burswood Casino

02:21:01 PM
11 2018

ZERO strikes at Burswood Casino

A report

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Living not too far from Burswood Casino, in Perth, I often go there for a coffee and each time I also try to understand why so many people gamble so much and how the games work. It’s interesting to understand for instance that the gambling chips on the roulette tables are sorted by a machines that selects them according to the colours, as each colour has a slightly different weight. But one night I noticed something that seemed a bit "unusual" as the zeros were statistically four times normal… Roulette tables have a little screen attached, giving the last twelve results, so statistically, as you see about a third of the total of the numbers on the table, you should see that number repeated every three screens. At the casino I could compare the table’s screens to the other roulette digital games that shows the last 36 numbers on their screens and the sequence of zeros wasn’t so high at all. Inside the casino you can’t take photos but they provide you with little pencils and paper (file 000) to write your numbers and these came very useful. Why is it so suspect if zeros and double zeros are into every table’s screen? Simply because when winning the casino pays for the zeros only and not for the number plus red or black and for the other options you may bet on, so the casino wins more money. So as any good citizen would, on 25/10/2017, I wrote to the Police Commissioner (file 001) whose suggestion in his answer (file 002) was that I wrote to the Department of Local Government. Meanwhile I went to the Casino again to verify if the numbers’ situation (file 003) and wrote to the Sheriff (file 004), who didn’t answer to my letter. So I wrote an email (file 005) and a letter (file 006) to the Minister Papalia, informing him on this situation. Papalia’s answer came after emails exchanges (files 007, 008, 009) stating that during the last inspection "there were no issues identified with the roulette wheels that would affect the result on each spin". Obviously I kept investigating (files 010, 011, 012, 013, 013) and the roulettes screens for some times kept giving "extraordinary" results, while as an interesting coincidence James Packer, the billionaire owner of Burswood Casino, whose other Casino in Melbourne underwent a poker machine’s manipulation scandal in recent times, on 21 March 2018 resigned as an executive chairman of Crown Resorts, due to mental health issues. "Mr James Packer today resigned from the board of Crown Resorts Ltd for personal reasons," a spokesperson for Mr Packer's company, Consolidated Press Holdings, said in a statement. Was it a coincidence? Just as the numbers? Who knows. The local mass-media seemed not to be too interested in this potential scandal, unless I told them on the phone what was about and a journalist of a TV station recently landed in Perth even hung up on me… bad landing, luckily it wasn’t the moon… So my last chance was to try again and write to the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor (file 014) to see if finally they were interested in viewing my independent research, stating in my letter that the news might have leaked in the meanwhile but they only confirmed (file 015) the Minister’s words in his previous answer.

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan


FILE 000: ref to main photo

FILE 001:

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan
xxxxxxx xxxx
6100 W.A.

xxxxxxx xxxx, 25/10/2017

Mr. Chris Dawson
Commissioner of W.A. Police
Western Australian Police H.Q.
2, Adelaide Terrace
East Perth

WA 6004

Re: Crown Casino Perth

Dear Mr. Chris Dawson,
On the night of October, 22nd 2017 I was at Crown Casino, observing the roulette tables and I focused on something that I noticed before, the fact that 0 and 00 win often. That night I was in a position where I could simultaneously observe six of the little screens attached to each table, five $2.50 tables and one $5 table; Each screen shows the last 12 winning numbers and when I was there I could see on those six screens eight 0 (zeros) and one 00 (double zeros). The probability a single number wins on a roulette table is 1/38 (2.63%) on a double zero table and 1/37 (2.70%) on a zero table, so if we multiply the 12 numbers I could see on each screen per the number of screens (six) we have 72 last winning numbers and that’s nearly the equivalent of the set of numbers that are on two tables, so excluding the double zero, the eight zeros I could see were statistically four times normal. When 0 and 00 wins, the Casino wins more as they don’t have to pay bets on red, black etc., so if the Crown Casino Perth did set their tables in a way that these two numbers win more often, their (illegal in this case) profit would be much higher. Obviously I could not take photos but I’m sure a few of your detectives with hidden cameras could prove all this, if this is the case and what I’ve noticed more than once wasn’t just a coincidence.

Best regards
Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

FILE 002: ref to photo N.1

FILE 003:

$2.50 Roulettes at Crown Casino, Burswood, W.A., reported by Matteo Cornelius Sullivan on the night of 04/11/2017.

1) I could see 12 tables:
0 x 4
00 x 6
04/11/2017, h.10.54 pm

2) I could see 6 tables:
0 x 3
00 x 3
04/11/2017, h.10.56 pm

3) I could see 7 tables:
0 x 4
00 x 7
04/11/2017, h.11.43 pm

4) The roulette on screens, that show many more last numbers did show a few minutes later only one 0 on 3 screens in total.

FILE 004:

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan
xxxxxxx xxxx
6100 W.A.

xxxxxxx xxxx, 07/11/2017

Mr. Colin Stewart Macphail
Sheriff of Western Australia
Central Law Courts
Level 5 501, Hay Street
Perth, 6000, W.A.

Re: Crown Casino Perth

Dear Sheriff Colin Stewart Macphail,
As I wrote to Mr. Chris Dawson, Commissioner of W.A. Police, on 25/10/2017 but got no answer yet to such an important issue, I’m forwarding to you the letter I sent him, as time is an important factor.

Please also find attached a second report on the matter I did on 04/11/2017.

Please confirm asp that you received this letter.

Best regards
Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

FILE 005:

The Hon Paul Papalia MLA

Minister.Papalia AT

Dear Hon Paul Papalia,

tonight I’m going to send you a letter, it’s marked "private and confidential" please make sure you read it first as some of the information contained are sensitive.

Best regards
Mattep Cornelius Sullivan

FILE 006:

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan
xxxxxxx xxxx
6100 W.A.

xxxxxxx xxxx, 07/11/2017

Re: Crown Casino Perth
The Hon Paul Papalia MLA
10th Floor, Dumas House
2 Havelock Street, West Perth, WA 6005

Dear Hon Paul Papalia,
I’m writing to you as suggested by P G Newman, Inspector Staff Officer of to the Commissioner of Police with his letter dated 02/11/2017 answering my letter to Mr. Chris Dawson, Commissioner of W.A. Police, as there is the case of potential corruption at Burswood Casino’s roulette tables as the incidence of 0 and 00 winning is way too high (see 25/10/2017 attached letter to the Commissioner of W.A. Police and the attached second report on the matter I did on 04/11/2017).

Please consider that I also wrote to Sheriff Colin Stewart Macphail, on the same matter.

Please confirm asp that you received this letter.

Best regards
Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

FILE 007:

Matteo Sullivan <XXXXXXXXXXXX<159>>

Nov 22
to Minister

can you please let me know if you did receive my letter? please let me know asp, it is very important for .



FILE 008:

Papalia, Minister

9:21 AM (28 minutes ago)

to me

Good morning Matteo,
Thank you for your email.

I can confirm that our office has received your letter and it is currently under review.

Kind Regards

FILE 009: ref to photo n.2

FILE 010:

Crown Casino, Burswood, W.A., reported by Matteo Cornelius Sullivan on the night of 03/12/2017. (not sent to anyone currently)

  • The incidence of 0 and 00 has changed to normal and this means that there have been some leaks by someone I reported to (W.A. Police, Sheriff or Papalia MP’s office).
  • 03/12/2017 h.12.10 circa, xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
  • Xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx.

FILE 011:

  • Crown Casino, Burswood, W.A., reported by Matteo Cornelius Sullivan on the night of 09-10/12/2017. (not sent to anyone currently)
  • 10/12/2017, h.01.17, roulette tables, 12 results showing on the screens - of 8 $2.50 tables and 2 $5 tables: 0 = x7 and 00 = x3 (one table had 0 = x2 and 00 = x1 on screen). Each screen showing 12 numbers.
  • 10/12/2017, h.01.23 circa, roulette machines, 20 results showing on the screens - green: 0 = x0 and blue: 0 = x1
  • 10/12/2017, h.01.28, (other) roulette tables, 12 results showing on the screens - of 4 $2.50 tables and 4 $5 tables: 00 = x4 and 0 = x0.
  • 10/12/2017, h.02.39, (other) roulette machines, 20 results showing on the screens - yellow: 0 = x0; blue: 0 = x0; green: 0 = x0

Note: the results on roulette machine demonstrate that the incidence of 0 and 00 are way too high on the tables and xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xx x xxxxx.

FILE 012:

Crown Casino, Burswood, W.A., reported by Matteo Cornelius Sullivan on the night of 12/01/2018. (not sent to anyone currently)

  • 12/01/2018, h. 10.59 pm, $5 tables x4 = 00 x1
  • 12/01/2018, h. 10.59 pm, $2.50 tables x4 = 00 x2
  • 12/01/2018, h. 11.01 pm, $2.50 table x1 = no 0 (zeros)
  • 12/01/2018, h. 11.01 pm, $5 tables x4 (tables: 0317, 0319, etc.) = 0 x5

FILE 013:

Crown Casino, Burswood, W.A., reported by Matteo Cornelius Sullivan on the night of Saturday 14/04/2018. (not sent to anyone currently)

  • 0 and 00 less frequent than stated on previous reports.

FILE 014:

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan
XXXXXXXX, 23/04/2018

Subject: Burswood Casino
Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor
Gordon Stephenson House, Level 2, 140 William Street,
Perth WA 6000

Messrs Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor,

I think that Burswood Casino’s roulette tables are controlled by a computer as statistically the sequences of numbers are absolutely impossible.

During October and November 2017 I wrote several letters to the Sheriff, the Police Commissioner and to the Minister Papalia with the only result that I think now the news has leaked.

If you’re interested in the data I’ve collected, please let me know.

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

FILE 015: ref to photo N.3

Source by Matteo_Cornelius_Sullivan

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