When the ogres are lost sheep ...

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21 2019

When the ogres are lost sheep ...

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The African theologian of the Vatican agency Fides, Father Donald Zagore reminded us a few days ago that "paedophile priests should not be abandoned. They are «lost sheep»" (see Franca Giansoldati, "Abusi, l'agenzia vaticana Fides: «Misericordia per i preti pedofili, sono pecorelle smarrite»", Il Messaggero, 20/02/2019). Reading the statements of that theologian can only come to my mind that only in Boston, USA, the Vatican has paid out over four billion dollars to compensate the victims of paedophile priests; If we think that this is just one of the many cities in which trials have taken place against paedophile priests, we can imagine very well how much the Church invests to defend not her reputation, which should see those criminals condemned and ousted by religious institutions, but to defend the material interests, that is, the "lifestyle" of some of them. And one wonders: if the monkeys had the soul and spoke Latin, would they recruit them? Where did the simple basic concepts like selection come to an end? Homosexuality is obviously not paedophilia but it is also necessary to ask what kind of people are preferred by religious institutions, since in a recently published statistic, there are four homosexual priests every five and, although not all are "put into practice", isn’t homosexuality a sin for the Church? And it is not necessary to be homophobic to ask, as it is equally clear to ask how tolerable it is for the Catholic Church that there were in recent times monasteries where nuns were used for the pleasure of male prelates, reaching up to rape and murder of newborns born from these relationships, methodically walled in the walls of the convent ... Obviously not all of these children were killed, so that a single Irish association of "sons of priests" has 50,000 members ... But back to the "sheep", because you also want to understand if the choice of the zoophilic comparison is the right one, because a sheep gives the idea of a peaceful, harmless animal that peacefully grazes the grass and follows the shepherd dog... as they look more like the lousy pigs, of a worse species emerged from sewers... beings who are doubly guilty, because they are not only adults but also able to exercise suggestion towards children, thanks to their "sacred" role as "messengers" of God. But in the meantime Pope Francis also finds the time to argue that whoever spends time criticizing the Church will go to hell... And the paedophile priests they defended until yesterday, who ruin the lives of children where will they go? Will the bleating sheep follow the shepherd to the path of paradise? It is clear that the Catholic Church, like all the other confessions, besides having ruined the life of an infinite number of innocents, concealed evidence, lied, transferred criminopriests to other parishes thus putting other innocent people at risk, etc., also created corruption, because instead of helping Justice to punish those criminals, it corrupted the victims by offering them cash compensation and, by doing so, kept the criminopriests out of prison, creating the conditions for those awry ones to act again. We’re talking of rivers of money, to pay the defence lawyers and for compensation... But in the meantime they continue every Sunday with the saucer of alms... and even the poor think they are doing the right thing, without thinking where their money will end up... all this when the patrimony of the Vatican is valued about sixty-eight billion dollars... Is there anything else to add? Hypocrisy is a word that is too narrow for what most Christians now think...

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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