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Indian Covid-19 situation and mass media, between sensationalism, manipulation and thaumaturges

Wednesday 19:23:40
May 05 2021

Indian Covid-19 situation and mass media, between sensationalism, manipulation and thaumaturges

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The covid emergency today is not India but Hungary; to understand it, let's first examine the general data: at the end of March 2021 the world population is estimated at over 7.85 billion people, and India, which is the second most populous nation in the world with 1,390,456,911 inhabitants (10/04/2021), and is preceded only by the People's Republic of China (1,412,210,000 inhabitants on 05/05/2021), has one human being every 5.61, that is, they are 19.79% of humanity (the Chinese are 20.97%). On the other hand, Hungary has a population of 9,655,361 inhabitants (2019), therefore much lower than that of India, but the number of deaths from covid is much higher among the Hungarians, indeed at the moment the highest in absolute, and we can "find out" by examining simple statistical data that should also make us understand that in truth the cases of death in India are very low compared to their population: 160/1M [160 per million people], while in Hungary, which, however, is not news, there are 2,895/1M [2,895 per million people] but no one talks about it, although, note well, in Hungary the deaths from covid-19 are in proportion 18.09 times the deaths of India (data of 03/05/2021). What is frightening and that makes the news is the total number of deaths (226,188, partial data of 05/05/2021) of the Indians (source:, while the Hungarians, with their 28,045 dead, evidently do not generate interest, perhaps also because they are not chaotic and do not burn corpses in the open. Obviously India must be helped but these data must make us reflect on the fact that many journalists are just sensationalists, who often blindly obey their masters and who like to scare people to keep them attached to the screen with fear. Another example of hypothetical news manipulation is a lockdown involving Perth, Western Australia, triggered on 26/04/2021 for only three days, i.e. useless for prevention purposes as experts suggest 14 days minimum, which therefore may suggest that the lockdown itself has been studied more to shift the attention of citizens, through the mass media, from the fact that the infection prevention system has failed, to the news of the lockdown itself (MB); Probably this consent of the mass media to the shift of attention from the facts, is also in relation to the fact that Mark McGowan, premier of Western Australia, was recently re-elected with Bulgarian percentages, 53 out of 59 members of the state parliament. Australian politicians, regardless of the party to which they belong, is today skyrocketing and they self-attribute enormous merits in preventing the spread of covid-19, it almost seems that they now have "thaumaturgical" skills, but no one remembers the simple fact that when the virus started spreading around the world, in Australia it was summer and covid is a virus similar to the flu, so it spreads more easily in winter. And it is not even mentioned that the last two Australian winters were very mild and Australia is geographically isolated and with a very low population density, which also helps. In fact, the virus in Australia has created the greatest complications on cruise ships and in Melbourne in one of the very few neighbourhoods with condominiums, therefore with a greater population density. The reality is that Australian politicians initially were very slow in taking precautions, just like with bushfires, but luck prevailed and then they managed the situation quite well, but these things do not seem to interest the mass-media, always interested in sensationalism ...

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

Source by Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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