Trump is right, Facebook is wrong.

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11 2021

Trump is right, Facebook is wrong.

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What happened recently against Donald J. Trump who had his accounts closed by Facebook (his account has 32,861,477 "likes"), Twitter and Google is absolutely unacceptable, even more unacceptable is that Facebook has in fact sentenced through its own pseudo-court. I have never been a Trump sympathizer and what happened at the Capitol I clearly commented on in a previous article, it does not take away that in my opinion in this case he is absolutely right, while social networks are not only wrong but, arrogating themselves a power of limiting freedoms that they do not have, they have themselves committed a crime against freedom of expression. Let's take some simple examples, to understand each other well: if you go to the bar, to church, to the supermarket or to any place that is "social" for you, the manager cannot come there and discriminate against you for your ideas or anything else, so he can’t punish you or limit your presence there if he does not have a State court ruling that allows him to carry out those actions, otherwise it is an abuse of power. The concept, a legal principle, is also valid on a virtual platform, precisely as a "social", that is, not an exclusive club for those who think in a certain way rather than another; ways of thinking that are not even defined but it is the thought of a Pincopallino or one of his wingmen who feels he is the new little dictator of the moment because his company has been successful, as is generally the case of uneducated and ignorant people who suddenly find great power in their hands. Mark Zuckerberg has already ended up in court once for violating the rights of Facebook users, evidently he has not yet understood his wrong; off course some governments with an obvious inferiority complex have accepted some of his past and present dictatorial impositions, but that doesn’t change the concept. His wrong it is very serious and only the intellectual corruption that he and his fellows have generated in the minds of the simple, with decades of magic flute, accept this factual situation…. Decades of: if you don't do what I tell you, I punish you even if I don't have the right, so governments and States prefer to wash their hands ...

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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