Monarchy in Nepal.. unique future...

2007-06-08 16:41:53
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June 08 2007

Monarchy in Nepal.. unique future...

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It is opinion of the Partito della Alternativa Monarchica (Italian Party of the Monarchist Alternative) that the Institutional point in Nepal is of great importance, wile it is quite certain that with a republic this Country will be submitted to what seems to be the standard way of facts: with the loss of tradition it would become conquerable land by speculation and consumism. A Country without traditions it’s a Country without future, destined to the gray anonymous squalor that is usual in many republics.

Monarchy in Nepal, if it will act as a moderator element, can still guarantee the stability of the Nation and avoid that an eventual republic would drop into communist dictatorship, as it is quite possible wile the Nepalese maoists are financed by the People’s Republic of China that already invaded Tibet! The Partito della Alternativa Monarchica says: No! to the unavoidable communist dictatorship in Nepal!

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan
Reggente del Partito della Alternativa Monarchica

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