October 10-2010 Message from GOD

10 2010

October 10-2010 Message from GOD

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You, who read these words, be blessed with wisdom to know life, with understanding to know truth and truth to know wisdom.

I am here to show you the way to the everlasting Life. As The Mother I never want any of you to lose their life. What Mother would? As The Mother I yearn for the day when Mother and Father will celebrate happy families everywhere.
Life is here and you know it. It is in front of you and you dont see it. It is in you and you dont know how easy it is to sustain it. You are born but you dont know how to talk about you. With your own words you keep yourselves from everlasting lives. You have strong legs but you do not know how to find your way. You were shown so many ways! Only the true way was hidden. Masterfully planned by the destroyer the truth was hidden such that most people dont even know that death is avoidable, or that they are gods or Gods or GOD in human form. Ignorance was bliss for the destroyer not for people.

Like little children who stumble and fall and get up again, everything that exists had to learn. Even the destroyer had to learn to not destroy anymore. War had to become the Prince of Peace. A symptom of that is the Peace keeping troops. Never will the ways of the destroyer be learned again. Never will little children think that destruction is fun! We have to make learning enjoyable, honest and creative. Once weve learned how to defeat death, destroyer, illness and greed, before they even appear weve learned to be safe enough to overcome all challenges. The cycle is complete, and will never repeat again.

I have completed a universal cycle of surviving and learning how to help everybody survive. Since I The Mother was most suppressed and most denied, I had to learn how to sustain life when life itself was threatened continuously by those who needed it most. Humanly I had to know how to sustain the planet when those who needed it most were threatening it, and listening to destroyers and not to me.

Knowing that life is everlasting only in the presence of The Mother, I had to bring myself amongst people and show them the value of life and the ways to be. From the bliss of my permanent being I sent many forms that restored many cycles, only to succumb because people believed the destroyer before they believed me. From the world of holiness I have sent many forms, but none of them succeeded in eliminating the darkness.

This time I succeeded because I came personally, and I was born right in the bottom of the biggest black hole that ever existed: Time coordinate October 31st, 1954; the darkest night of the year. Space coordinate Eastern Europe, after the murder of the only intellectual who could have created in Romania the type of political regime similar to Poland that did not completely succumb to Socialism or to Communism but fought for freedom. Divine light 1.8%, Darkness 98.2%. Nowhere can the divine light be any lower or the darkness any higher. The only time it did the Universe Collapsed. The divine built-in security makes it impossible for the presence of the divine light to be any lower than 1.8%. In 1994, when I was finishing my book "Multiples in Love” and I was writing my book "Am I a Man or a Woman,” the divine light had reached 40%. That is 1% for each year of my life. That is when the divine beings invited me to work for fear of the apocalypse that they had set in motion, in their time of darkness. Seeing the steady pace of my bringing light on Earth, and the accelerated pace ahead gave them the courage to authorize the beginning of the procedures for the return of Paradise. Even the prince of Darkness agreed, since he didnt like darkness any more than we did. He was just too proud to admit that he wronged us.

The morning, October 10 -2010 the divine light will be lifted to 100% EVERYWHERE. That is the completion of the cycle that eliminated any individual presence of darkness. That means: no snake in Paradise. Without darkness no snake is possible. In future articles I will explain to you what the snake was.

In this day of completion, we come to the point where the universe and the earth are looking at life and making choices that will protect, perfect and sustain life forever. The future of every cosmic and terrestrial being will be harmonized in a universe that is conscious, illumined and generous, ever expanding in complexity, increasing reality and truth.

When Mother and Father were separate, The Universe collapsed. When Mother and Father will be back again The Universe will re-emerge without abyss, stars will be born again, constellations will care for each other, planets will thrive, and people will know their place.

I am here to show you how and to make it so!

The Mother God
Also known on earth as Sanda Davis

Source by Alfredo_d_Ecclesia

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