Sockeye Solutions Corporation: Sockeye Solutions Announces Inventory Collaboration Application Template 3.0

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January 26 2004

Sockeye Solutions Corporation: Sockeye Solutions Announces Inventory Collaboration Application Template 3.0

New Template Allows Business Users to Configure Applications to Optimise Inventory Levels and Increase ROI

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Sockeye Solutions Corporation, a leading developer of Adaptive Supply Chain Collaboration Applications, today announced its Inventory Collaboration Template Version 3.0. The template allows business users to easily configure applications to exploit the unique competitive advantage of their multiple extended supply chains. The application manages inventory targets, monitors inventory projections in real-time and dynamically plans the replenishment and return of parts across a multi-tier supply network. All of Sockeye's templates reside external to the traditional enterprise model and are deployed over the Internet.

"The entire process of designing, developing and deploying software applications has changed," said Brian Nickerson, president and CEO of Sockeye Solutions. "Traditional supply chain vendors offered rigid applications with poor integration, requiring customers to force-fit their business processes to the applications. The result was applications bound to the enterprise that didn't properly model the customer's unique supply chain capabilities and information flow that didn't support the decision making required in a dynamic multi-tier supply chain. The ability to accelerate the flow of material and information through an extended supply chain can result in a tremendous competitive advantage to all partners in this business community. Sockeye's new inventory application allows customers to model the complex and evolving business relationships in their supply chains. This allows them to collaborate and drive value in the form of improved time to market, reduced inventories and!
operational costs and increased customer satisfaction."

With Sockeye's new Inventory Collaboration Application Template, users can easily configure the application to meet their specific needs. Users can define time periods, multi-party business process rules, data specifications and metrics that apply to their own supply chain initiatives. Through configuration, alerts are defined to automatically signal inventory shortages and other supply chain problems in real-time as they occur. Based upon business rules and definitions determined by the user, distributed Sockeye Software Agents generate purchase documents and replenishment orders to solve inventory problems. Users can focus on managing exceptions in their supply chain as the application handles routine problems. Powerful "What if?" simulation capabilities allow users to collaborate with their partners to determine the best course of action.

Sockeye's new Inventory Collaboration Application Template allows users to support the following major business processes:

-- Inventory Management and Visibility - Real-time, event-based inventory projections, target inventory planning, dynamic inventory shortage/overage alerts and buyer/seller inventory simulations, negotiations and commitments.

-- Analysis and Guided Replenishment - Automated replenishment planning implemented by user-defined split sourcing rules and remote trading partner inventory availability.

-- Vendor-Managed Inventory - Inventory planning and forecasting, automatic target inventory calculations and distributed agent-based replenishment planning.

Sockeye Application Templates are pre-configured software components developed to speed customer deployment of Collaborative Supply Chain applications. Developed using standard supply chain best practices, the templates deliver the functionality required to execute generic collaboration business processes. Customers then configure the templates to meet the unique and evolving requirements of their specific supply chain(s) and business relationships. This configuration can be easily performed by business users-as opposed to expensive customisation-and can adapt as a company's supply chain and business partners evolve. The result is a unique application, deployed quickly that captures the competitive advantage of the customer's supply chain.

Residing outside the "four walls," the Application Templates are truly native to the Internet and make extended enterprise planning and execution a reality. Sockeye's Collaborative Application Framework (CAF) supports and enhances existing technology systems to better execute real-time communication and planning throughout the extended supply chain and among multiple tiers of trading partners. Sockeye's CAF-driven applications are behind the supply chain management success of such companies as Hewlett-Packard and Invensys.

Sockeye Solutions Corp. develops best-of-breed adaptive software for managing collaborative processes across multiple business partners beyond traditional enterprise applications, to drive down latency and optimise value in the supply chain. Sockeye's Application Templates are built and deployed using Sockeye's Collaborative Application Framework (CAF), which provides Web- native components and run-time application services. The framework is standards-based, leverages existing IT infrastructure and requires no software or hardware investment from the customer's trading partners. Sockeye Application Templates deliver the functionality required to execute best practice business processes and can be easily configured to meet the unique and evolving requirements of the customer's specific supply chain(s) and business relationships. For more information, email or visit the Web site at

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