Exposcuola 2005 are available

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Exposcuola 2005 are available

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Exposcuola, the Hall of Comparison between European and Mediterranean educational proposals is a vivid and active reality that since 2000 involves the greatest part of schools from the Campania Region and throughout Italy, to which other European and Mediterranean schools are connected. The event, annually organized by the Biennial Organization of Mediterranean Arts and Sciences, is carried out under the aegis of the Scholastic Management for the Region of Campania, the Campania Region, the Province of Avellino, Benevento, Caserta, Salerno and Naples, and the University of Salerno and it receives the moral sponsorship by the greater part of the Italian Ministries and by the Italian Office of the European Parliament.

Exposcuola has developed , year after year, a "new system of social relationships", in which schools and their operators have found new spaces and possibilities of expression, of cultural comparison and of development in the search processes, being always in connection with the educational aspects that distinguish them.

The survey (whose integral version is available on the web site www.exposcuola.info), conducted on a range of 140 interviewed, including people involved in the organization and simple visitors, and other extra 800 people connected on line during the web campaign for Exposcuola 2004, has underlined the value and the meaning of this event, supplying elements of reflection for the future, by pointing out needs , expectations and desires.

To the question "What makes Exposcuola so successful?" the most important answers make reference to the enthusiasm of the organizers , to their ability in involving so many students and teachers, to the quality of the performing actions, but also to the fact that Exposcuola promotes a network of actions that are carried out throughout the whole year and that are able to develop virtuous processes of relationships and synergies which involve several Local Institutions acting on the territories. And that’s the reason why the number of visitors has increased from the 35,000 in the first year to approximately one hundred thousand in 2003 (exceeded in 2004), so confirming a positive trend in the interest and participation, regarding both students and school operators.

An interest also confirmed by the fact that, in short, the 85% of the interviewed considers the event very useful (of these 26% think it is the "most useful") because it stimulates the cultural and professional growth of schools and "it makes them alive”, offering complete training processes which are able to upgrade the planning activity of each single Institution, allowing the comparison between students and several Institutional Bodies, and promoting in the same time the vocational reality of each territory.

That’s why , among all the difficulties underlined by the interviewed there is the requirement of wider spaces suitable for the complexity of the actions carried out during the four days of the event , and also the need of a wider shared sense of responsibility within the schools themselves.

What is asked, is in fact, a more specific “boarding choice”, strongly supported by the head teachers together with the teacher staffs, acting as cultural and organizational mediators, so to have a more punctual return of experiences within the field of the didactic processes that are daily carried out in classes.

The schools, moreover, ask to strengthen the role of "educational and comparison place"that Exposcuola has gained, recognizing , at the same time, its value and positive energy, in the territories of Campania and Southern Italy, that have to regain the role of protagonist of their cultural, social and economic destiny. So, making Exposcuola a “ special place”, because the challenge for the training processes of new generations cannot be done without considering the development of each single person , the lay and democratic comparison between different cultures, and the promotion of a new "paideia".

New educations for new lifestyles: a search that asks everyone to reconsider his way of life , in order to choose the encounter, the mutual understanding and the growth of the other, of his humanity, of his history, in the awareness that joining one’ strength with other’s does not mean to renounce to one’s own identity and that future will be positive only if “I” will recognize “you” and will be able to construct and share a new “us”.

Is the topic-guide of Exposcuola 2005. It is a recall that touches ancient and new emotions and feelings and that pushes us to withdraw and look into ourselves.
The dream to constitute a perspective and the perspective to determine a dream... in school, among young people and in a society deeply folded in its everyday life and, therefore, more and more incapable of totally reading and recovering "the true sense of the life..."

In the time of globalization what is mainly perceived is a centrifuge fragmentation regarding the idea to create a planetary dimension in which men’s relationships can rise to the role of root-element on which constitute the qualification of the contemporary society.

Through globalization, the world-wide contexts would have had to contribute to the overcoming of differences considered as barriers for comparison. They have determined, instead, more and more cruel conflicts perceived through the lack of dialogue among different religions and different people, through the more and more widespread poverty, social non-balance, war, and through the scorn of the International Human Right and of principia vitae that make the man “MAN”.

So, facing this situation, what is the mission of school ? And what kind of school does the global society want to equip for its mission in order to globalization?

It is obvious to everyone that the school’s role in the third millenium is different than its role in the past... Learning how to read, to write, to make accounts and then? For how many people is this the line of departure (or arrive)? Are the educational strategies of the western context corresponding or opposite to those coming from Asia, Latin America or from the third world? Do the new generations and the ruling classes formed in the contemporary school have a shared global mission ?

In which percentage is the education of new generations determined within school? Which are the other "educational agents" of the contemporary society? Family? Television? The Internet? Computer and play station? These factors altogether? And are these factors complementary to school and vice versa?

From these questions the programming lines of the sixth edition of Exposcuola move, and they are carried out in several proposals from schools, in debates with testimonials and experts, in cooperative animation labs, in discussions among school operators and between them and the local administrators, in the active participation of families, in images and sounds , words and gestures that will accompany both exhibitors and visitors.

During the four days (9th, 10th 11th and 12th of November 2005) of "The VI Hall of Comparison between European and Mediterranean educational proposals", the ExpoVillage equipped in the Campus of Baronissi (SA) will be the centre of a renewed comparison on the qualification of the educational offer and on the need to determine a more and more concrete interaction between school and society. A renewed comparison not as well as on specific issues or technical problems or choices of vital importance for our planet, (how we can solve the problem of energy, of rubbish, of disease and poverty...) but, first of all, on the principles that regulate the relationships in the polis mundi. In particular, it will be dealt to reflect on how is possible to re-determinate the universality of the value of life, of equality, of freedom, of human rights, of peace and, therefore, how is possible to introduce such principles in technical issues and choices. The aim is starting from school with the auspice that new generations will rise to the role of constituent carriers of a planetary civilization based on principia vitae.

The complete document on the topic-guide of Exposcuola is available on the web site www.exposcuola.info

The setting out system of the ExpoVillage will be articulated in thematic areas, each of them marked by actions of great cultural and educational relief, and carried out by school networks in collaboration with Agencies and Associations, Institutions, Universities and Research Centres, Fine Art Academies, Cultural Institutes:

Peace and Human Rights, Legality and Civilian Cohabitation, Equal Opportunity;

Science, Technology, Environment , Health and Food;

Languages and Communication, Play, Spare time;

History and Traditions, Multiculture, Voluntary Service;

Territory promotion and development, School tourism;

Art and Qualification of urban spaces.

The Village structure will be completed by other working areas:

- AGORA'OF EVENTS, where meetings with important testimonials, Question Time with experts, Shows, School Exhibitions and other animation activities will be daily carried out;

- LAB AREAS, suitable for educational activities addressed to students, teachers and families;

- FORUM HALL, where school operators, local administrators and families will be able to discuss on strategies and planning activities and on training cooperation for citizen education and territory development


It is possible to participate to the Hall of Exposcuola in November both as "exhibitors" and/or as "visitors".
The participation as "exhibitors" is restricted by specific "Application Forms", issued by the Scientific Committee for Exposcuola:
1) "Prize Exposcuola 2005 " “the dream"- is the competition addressed to school teams, Associations, Local Bodies that want to show actions linked to the topic-guide and to the programming lines of the event, within one of the previewed topics of Areas A, B, C, D.
2) "the Province of the Sun" is the competition addressed to Provinces and advanced secondary schools that work together to the achievement of a video-spot aimed at promoting their territory. They also show the educational activities linked to the territory promotion and to the school tourism development within the Area called "A Travel as a lab".
3) "Il Bello del Bello " is the competition addressed to Fine Art Academies that want to show in the exhibition area called FrontierArt their experiences in the qualification of urban spaces and in the affirmation of what is “Beautiful” and therefore considered as an added value.

In order to participate as "visitors" the on-line booking is necessary. People who want to visit the ExpoVillage have to connect to the web site www.exposcuola.info and fill the appropriate booking form following all the information. It will be possible to book the visit not before the 3rd of October 2005.

All the documents and the application forms for Exposcuola 2005 are available on the web site www.exposcuola.info and at Bimed Office.

The program of the event will be available from the 5th of September.

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