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STREET LEGAL - We are happy to report a few words from Street Legal’s Bjorn Boge

2002-09-07 00:00:00
Sabato 12:37:39
Settembre 07 2002

STREET LEGAL - We are happy to report a few words from Street Legal’s Bjorn Boge

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After the terrible bus accident last summer I am extremely happy to announce that I'm still alive and kickin' (err”¦:-) I am back in shape both mentally and physically after a two week summer session in the martial art of Nanbudo. 5 hours of daily training under the supervision of legendary martial artist Doshu Nanbu (10th dan, the founder of Nanbudo) is probably not the average holiday schedule.

But on the beach, in the beautiful little town of Playa d'Aro - north of Barcelona - Spain, I had a blast with 50 other black belts from all over Europe and Africa. This autumn I will be one of the instructors in my club back home in Oslo- Oslo Karateklubb . Anyone interested in joining a beginners class can contact me @ No kidding”¦

Besides of being back in shape, I will soon announce the new Street Legal line up. There will also be a complete redesign and update of our site

Please excuse me for not being able to maintain the site lately. But I hope everyone can understand that my health has been my main priority the last year. I was pretty close (2cm- and a broken spleen-to be exact..) to join Cliff Burton, Randy Rhoades and Cozy Powell in the great hard rock orchestra in the sky. (R.I.P) But - I it was my lucky day. And I am only the happiest guy in the world still being able to both sing and play bass down here on mother earth.

Street Legal have a lot of strong material coming up. Expect some more killer-in your face-melodic hard rock in the vein of our 1st album Thunderdome. I look forward to start touring with the new line-up and begin the recording of our 2nd album . Look out for a release spring 2003. We have a pleasant surprise for fans of a certain well known singer”¦

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