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2008-10-29 16:34:32
Wednesday 16:36:25
October 29 2008

The scientific and technological park

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Trento: Italy - We are currently developing a private scientific and technological park directed at the production of the most advanced formulations for agricultural use and for the development of innovative projects in the field of applied scientific research.
Composed of logistic-operational structures, technological installations and green areas, this park is the result of a collaboration project set up between the scientific researcher Alessandro Mendini and Silvana Zambanini, owner of the AXS M31 company.
The historic instruments created by scientific researcher Alessandro Mendini, which date back to the 1980's, represent the focal point of the park and not only form a source of information and add interest value to his research studies, but also the most important part of the innovation for the successive development of productive processes and products aimed at the protection and preservation of agriculture, health and the environment.
Noteworthy in the park are the XY G28, receiver of transducing waves from deep space for charging the inert particles, the TRYKXSOR A G33 channelling equipment and cosmic energy programmer, the Univer Parabola X83 for nano-Amstrong analysis, and all the instruments used in advanced experimental technical and scientific research in the field of vital structures of plants in general.
These instruments are also used for the research and development of magnetic formulation fertilisers based on prenanotecnologies, for the improvement and updating of existing products for agriculture and for research into new products.
Currently under construction in the park is an experimental greenhouse for agricultural research, where specific studies will be carried out on photosynthesis and the vital energy of plants. This will also include exclusive machinery and specific electronic measuring instruments, also the work of the same scientist. Here, the "Cryosynthesis" project will be developed, for chlorophyll cryosynthesis in the absence of light, where high resolution energy is used for Dynamics and Amplified Photosynthesis. This is a project set up by the scientific researcher Alessandro Mendini, mainly directed at repotentiating future agricultural productivity in the light of today's extreme climatic and environmental conditions and new emerging genetic knowledge.

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