Culturally corrupt

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29 2018

Culturally corrupt

The broken sense of justice

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The recent sentence by Michael Stokes, a judge of the Court of Nottingham, who hasn’t sentenced to prison an eighteen-year-old Muslim paedophile, Adil Rashid, because "his religious education had not taught him that raping 13 year-old girls [thirteen!] is wrong", should make people at least think on what I struggle to define a new "culture". The #paedophile in question studied at a Muslim school in the UK, where, it seems, he learned that "women are no more worthy than a lollipop that has been dropped on the ground". Is this what they teach in an English school of the twenty-first century? The young man, supported the usual #ideological-religious excuses used by those guys, declaring, according to the Daily Mail, that he was reluctant to have sex with the 13 year old girl, but she "tempted" him and then she "seduced him"; The judge, who evidently believed those jokes, claimed that because the guy was "passive" and "untrustworthy", sending him to prison could cause "more harm than good". Initially the two exchanged messages on Facebook, then by phone for a couple of months. Then they met in Nottingham, where he found a room in a hotel, as it turned out, they had sex; then he went to the bathroom and came out with a condom. Addressing Rashid, the judge said: "I accept this was a case where the girl was quite willing to have sexual activity with you. But the law is there to protect young girls, even though they are perfectly happy to engage in sexual activity". Where is the "protection of young girls" in that sentence, only the judge knows. Meanwhile, still in the UK, in Welshpool, a Walsh city, a judge did not consider life sentence for Anthony Bowen, a 26-year-old dwarf paedophile, sentenced to 48 weeks imprisonment because he was "too small and emotionally inadequate". That paedophile had lured on Facebook for two months a 13 and a 15 years old girl and sent nude photos and dirty messages, but nevertheless Bowen will not spend a day of his sentence in jail. And what about the case of the three young Neapolitans who raped a fifteen year old? after only six months in jail the judge frees them and "condemns" them to be pizza makers. This kind of sentences, and there are more and more, that favor some for pseudo-cultural reasons or worse religious ones, surely demoralize and create a general feeling of uncertainty and anarchy. But if what listed wasn’t enough, there’s also the case of Selin Gören, spokesman for Linksjugend Solid, the youth movement of the #social-communist German party Die Linke and activist of "welcome and solidarity to refugees"; during an unscheduled walk the girl was raped by three drunks who also snatch her bag. After the violence the police ask the girl if her rapists were refugees or foreigners but she declared that the group was "mixed" and that they spoke German, so recent refugees were excluded from the investigation. But a few months later at a congress of her party, "a man she knew, a man of Syrian origin" and "the round face, short hair and dark skin remind her one of the men who raped her"; she run away in a panic and only after a long time admitted that "I did not want to lie to the police, but I also did not want my story to be exploited by racists". But Selina is not alone these cases of absurd political masochism, there are many. Karsten Nordahl Hauken, on the other hand, is a male Norwegian member of the left-wing party Sosialistisk Venstreparti, who was brutally raped under his house by a Somali, who was then arrested, sentenced and jailed. Once the sentence was served, the Somali "asylum seeker" was expelled from Norway. But during the program Jeg mot Meg (I against myself) of the Norwegian channel NRK, Karsten Nordahl Hauken, in telling his story, he also profused all his displeasure towards the Somali asylum seeker who raped him, for whom he feels guilty because he was sent back to Somalia. Culturally corrupt.

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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