Axe attacks and paedophilia in Australia, thanks to a weak policy against drugs

06:04:23 PM
11 2018

Axe attacks and paedophilia in Australia, thanks to a weak policy against drugs

When the nation’s new wealth does not bring cultural benefits but a new idiot’s culture

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A thirty-nine-year-old woman has been charged with 17 crimes for abusing her daughter, who, since the age of eight, have been sexually abused by two men, even with penetration, in a sexual circle of paedophiles, linked to exchange parties of couples in the suburbs of Perth. The three infamous are under arrest and accused of a series of crimes. The victim's mother has admitted her crime. The case, which came to light by chance, a follow-up to the discovery of a hard drive containing various obscene videos by a citizen, is by no means the first. Also in Perth these days is the terrifying news of a man who with an axe for ten minutes tried to break through the door of a house and after entering the house, the victim was nearly hit by an axe blow. Everything was filmed by a neighbour of the victim. The attacker, a coloured man, was arrested shortly after by the Police. Today (11/08/2018) in a quiet neighbourhood of Sydney, a follow-up to a quarrel between three people in a house, turned out in the homicide of a man, perhaps a criminal, probably murdered by an unidentified couple, a man and a woman, with a katana (Japanese sword) and a knuckle-knife. Another attack with an axe was recorded a few days ago, again in Sydney, when a woman, Evie Amati, entered a shop and tried to kill three people; this follower of vulgar fashions in vogue among the regressed ones: piercing, tattoos, drugs ... claimed that "someone else, a voice" told her to kill; then she declared that the attempted massacre was due to the effects of the drug she took but the jury decided that the only monster in the 7Eleven shop was her and that her intention was to kill. Australia has recently statistically overtaken other countries for drug use (it’s number 5 for cocaine use). In particular, Perth, once a quiet Western city, has turned into the drug capital (86% of criminals in Western Australia at the time of their arrest are under the influence of drugs), more than ever we have to look at a weak legal system that tends to justify, instead of punishing the right way, with the result that many crimes are actually depenalized. This magistrates’ attitude, that often nullifies Police efforts, also has the effect of strengthening the spirit of criminals who are becoming increasingly aggressive. This situation in turn attracts many foreigners who come to Australia just to take drugs more easily. Also thanks to a wrong and destructive interpretation of the concept of freedom, helped in this by horror and detective films and television series, there’s a subculture that is generating an increasingly widespread use of drugs. The use of drugs is a crime that it enriches criminals, causes tragedies and deaths; it is not fun, this should be explained very clearly to people, instead we think of liberalization. If you want to reach a solution to a big problem such as narcotics, you have to hit hard and for a start, those who commit crimes under the effect of drugs should be punished more severely and not justified, as sometimes happens. There must be a reason to all this decadence and it is conceivable to think that there might be magistrates and politicians who are drug users themselves and it would be right to verify it periodically, because if it’s forbidden to drive the car under the effect of drugs or alcohol, it should be equally forbidden to judge or be driving a nation under the same conditions.

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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