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Why should Australians vote Liberals, National Party, Labor or Green? Here some reasons why you shouldn’t.

Tuesday 21:49:06
May 14 2019

Why should Australians vote Liberals, National Party, Labor or Green? Here some reasons why you shouldn’t.

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A nation should vote for people with merits, not for political promises… these politicians are so good in making promises but why didn’t they do all those things when in power? During the last few years Australian politicians have only showed that they are becoming "professionals", people that put the interest of their party before that of the people, they’ve cut benefits they could use when young to make our schools and universities into a business for foreigners, something many young Australians can not afford anymore… but now federal MPs can drive Mercedes or BMW and change them every year while the cost of politics grows… They are always so proud of mentioning the number of new business opening every year but they never mention the number of those closing down… (people aren’t blind and see the increasing number of empty shops etc.). During the last twenty years the cost of living increased 66%, where is the parallel increase for salaries? Why you can buy our lamb in Thailand for a third of the price? Why there’s no control on prices of vital products as food or petrol? Speculators constantly increase the price of fuel but the answer of the Government is always "it’s not regulated"… meaning that if tomorrow the oil companies wanted they could put the petrol price to $10 per litre and destroy our economy in a week but it’s OK because it’s not regulated? Aren’t our politicians sitting on the parliaments’ chairs to regulate our society and economy? Why our tax office’s etc. phone operators are employed in foreign countries? And why our passports are printed in foreign countries? So Australians won’t be able to be employed in those jobs and some foreigner will be able to buy a real Australian passport for $2500 in Bangkok? Aren’t they sitting there so they can make sure our people find a job and that our society is balanced and criminals goes to jail? So why did they privatize jails? To de facto decriminalize stealing as there’s no space into the prisons and we can’t build new ones because it costs too much? And is that why so many criminals, thanks to a Justice system that is increasingly becoming one of the weakest, don’t get their sentences or get short ones? Not to overcrowd prisons? So why do they (they) want more and more people migrating in Australia? So they have more tax payers? But if you want to double up Australia’s population shouldn’t you double up infrastructure and services (including prisons, roads, hospitals, police forces etc.) first? Don’t they even think that trying to increase our population as such a fast rate create huge problems to Australians as migrants mostly belong to a young age range and for this reason become a strong work competitor for Australians of older age range? Do we need so many migrants when we have so many unemployed? And why there’s hardly any control on the number of hours people on a visa work? Just because we have to produce a lot diplomas for Overseas students who in many cases can’t even speak a reasonably good English? So the huge business of visas (in 2017, 799,371 international students were enrolled in education programs in Australia) keeps the "business" (international students contribute $31 billion to Australian economy) going? Isn’t that creating a fake economy? And why there’s not a real fight against illicit drugs when these are illegal? Is it because our increasingly politicized by left-wing politics TV channels are creating such a garbage "culture" that we have to think that everything is OK? And why there’s no control even on the number of advertisement on TV? So we can be completely become brainwashed by insurances? Shouldn’t politicians also care of mental health of citizens by protecting them from being brainwashed by advertisers? OK, so should Australians vote for the parties and people who’ve been in power in the last decades to thank them for all that? Most young people will not be able to buy a house, whatever the deposit might be, they won’t be able to find a serious job, they basically don’t have anyone telling them that it is not a good thing Australia is becoming a Country of junkies, so if you want our once proud nation to have a future, just don’t give a future to political parties that don’t deserve one, vote anything else but them.

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

Source by Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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