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The spread of coronavirus in Australia could be stopped only with stronger action

Monday 19:13:38
March 16 2020

The spread of coronavirus in Australia could be stopped only with stronger action

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What really is the situation Downunder on coronavirus is not as simple as the numbers given by the news programs, because the people tested are few, so to better understand the real situation it is necessary to apply the statistics in a proportional way to the population. I’m quite sure that many States of the world have few cases listed, simply because they don’t have much equipment to test people for this virus. What is for sure is that cities in Australia are very far apart one from the other so there is a very good chance to prevent a wide spreading of corona virus around the Country but to do so the Governments have to anticipate in a stronger way; if you can still participate to a gathering as long as it’s no more than five hundred people, it means it will spread slower but it won’t be stopped. The way to help the containment of the virus is to stop everything at once everywhere; actually it should be an international move, because only that way you can really isolate the cases but as we know international organizations are mostly useless, so it’s not going to happen. If Australia won’t apply stricter measures soon, during the winter people will die in much larger numbers and this can be proven with past statistics; for example, if you think that last year in Western Australia there were 48 deaths due to a simple influenza and that the number was 11.72 times more than the deaths Italy that is a much colder Country during the winter, you have a clear proportion of what could happen here. To be clear, if Italy had the same mortality rate as W.A., there would have been 1113.12 cases instead of the 95 buried (1).

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

(1) Matteo Cornelius Sullivan, "Western Australian massacre: the flu kills like flies", LSNN

Source by Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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