OPEN LETTER McGowen’s city planners

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10 2020

OPEN LETTER McGowen’s city planners

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Matteo Cornelius Sullivan


Perth, 10/09/2020

Subject: McGowen’s city planners

Dear Premier Mark McGowen,

I’d like to understand if the dinosaur sculpture some child decided to have in the middle of our river is a monument to your city planner adviser of if your adviser is the gondola man, and in this last case I’d like to advise you that he is cheating as he’s got an engine hidden in his boat… But for sure he’s going to be happy if, after McDonald’s bridge (or Titties bridge if you consider the Pussy’s monument sculpture nearby) at Elisabeth’s Key and Saddam Hussein’s Swords bridge next to the new stadium, you’ll build the Snake bridge… I live very near the existing Causeway bridge and personally I think we could save the 50 million dollars you intend to spend to build that Snake bridge next to it, buying a $50 sign that tells bicycle riders to dismount and walk the bridge because in reality there’s no traffic at all onto that bridge, there are only some cyclists passing by who arrogantly are always in a hurry and think the bridge is theirs and building another waste of money bridge, won’t solve the problem, it will only split it in two. Personally I think that if someone wants to feel Venetian at all costs, could build another bridge where it is needed and that is for sure not on Harrison Island, where also you’ve got a lot of trees that would have to be cut to make space for it. And I also think money could be invested in much needed ways, like new extra Fire trucks or water bomber airplanes to be better prepared for next summer’s bushfire season or detectors for the Custom Police to find illicit drugs smuggled into the containers, new airplanes for the Royal Flying Doctors, etc. … and why should W.A. spend an enormous amount of money for some rainbow lights for the CBD? If you intend to compete with Sydney… we are more than 30 years late on gay’s whatever or do you think the rainbow will attract more foolish Irish people looking for a pot of gold? I think we’ve already got enough original fool people here in Perth and it would be better to plan what is useful than what is simply visible, because if, as we all know, what’s simply visible may result in votes at the next elections, what is useful it might result in more investments and so in real development of our city and State. Are that bridge or the Rainbow lights: beautiful, useful, needed, a good idea or a problem solver? My answer is no, so it’s just another waste of public money.

Best regards

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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