An Angel named Marcia

14 2010

An Angel named Marcia

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(Alfredo d’Ecclesia) - Nature is a place of indescribable beauty, a sweet music that rises from earth to heaven, spreading everywhere and spreading its fragrance. The angels are not only employees, but actively involved in the plane of the sky, are the active forces working together. There are legions of angels who take care of the entire universe, galaxies of each planet of nations, cities, individual houses, forests, rivers, animals, each creature, belonging to any kingdom has its own guardian angel. Observe nature, always has its charm and the miracle of life that continually amazed leaves open and close observer read more about the secrets enclosed. Every single plant, every animal, every flower, every single water source, has his angel. Harmony is everywhere, tune in this plan means to perceive the beauty of creation, and feel the wonderful presence of our great leader God

Now, sometimes a pure heart, unable to read the fine lines of creation, and a pure heart, nothing is foreclosed, a pure heart can understand the universal harmony and the bond that exists between each aspect of creation. Nature by angelic forces, his angelic forces, chose as his assistant Marcia, she chose to defend it, to remind everyone who we are and where we come from.
Marcia is the embodiment of heavenly spirits, and natural laws, sometimes the angels carry out their mission, pointing to people, and tuning their vibrations. To get angelic messages, just read the poems of Marcia.

Each of her continued presence is a witness and his convert and turn into hours and in the events of light-and where each stands the word and its commentary (trees, flowers, animals, voices of birds, fruits, places, noises, undulations of water, the rustle of wind). The vitality of continuous and simultaneous tut ... t the forest talking to herself by every creature - the language is beyond the human and this is tested and the sensitivity tense meaning, the wisdom of ductile Marcia Theophilo that concerted this poem mainly arboreal. And the same duration as the poem is dense in this case a tribute to infinity and the permanence of the scenario and the issue of forest
The vitality of continuous and simultaneous throughout the forest talking to herself by every creature - the language is beyond the human and this is tested and the sensitivity tense meaning, the wisdom of ductile WALK Théophile that concert this poem mainly arboreal . And the same duration as the full-bodied ... or in this case the poem is a tribute to infinity and the permanence of the scenario and the issue of forest Mario Luzi
Only when the system itself will be able to understand that plants not only ornamental and landscape but also living beings and sacred life and oxygen, when he will understand that violate childhood is also jeopardizing the future of adults, only then things can change . And I hope it’s soon. Theophilo March.
Theophilo was mandated to report .. Obliged to do so because they were trees and birds, anteaters and tapirs, butterflies and pirarucù, the biggest fish of the world’s fresh water, almost on their knees to ask. As calling for protection of a goddess. She has been chosen. Fabrizio Carbone

WATER thought of sleeping / NEST IN THE GROUND / but it did not / hot summer / Are you often, solid, liquid /’re alive, but leaves no / SO NOT LIVE WITHOUT YOU Marcia Theophilo

The deity Jaguar
/ Turns into all things
that live in water
/ Turns into all things
living on earth
/ Plants and animals
rivers and rainfall /
Marcia Theophilo
And ’the night of harmony / one night only / one night of the year / The hearts of all animals / lights come on / And many lights wander in the forest / how many stars in the sky
Marcia Theophilo

Marcia Theophilo

Catu Curupira / appeared yesterday for the first time / first wrinkles on his face contorted into the bowels of the earth / water vessels multiply without end / Catu Curupira forests calls you to punish those who land / and lower animals. And scare trees / forests Catu Curupira implore. Marcia Theophilo
One day the water was nature, tree, another day, another day bird. And the whole universe was sacred prayer was mild, alive, perfect. Everything was pure feeling. The words were beings who lived even in dreams. The words were to be collected as leaves trembling Every word was a being, an evo ... cation, speech made to the music to sing WALK Théophile

Yano has come to tell a story, his eyes
was full of himself and of the immensity of his thinking. Thought
running and rushing river listening cradling his voice
repeated what he had learned from birds,
of each color the best, the idea of living happy,
day after day trying harmony with the cosmos ....
Yano did not distinguish between thoughts and tastes.
Marcia Theophilo

Remained in the sky and water from rain / I designed the belly of the earth / the universe to open and fertilizing / redwood tree Ibirapitanga / brasilaçù, Brazil, brasileto / burning embers, Brazil. / Marcia Theophilo
THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN / invade the city / seeds sprout in the cracks / scatter in the air and flying clouds, swirls, rainbows / bird, grow trees / their branches stretching / enter through the windows in the houses / rooms in bloom Flowers /, butterflies fly larger hands / Mon ... go climb trees walls / grass grows on the floors jumping monkeys / birds singing and frogs / WALK Théophile

Real Estate in doorways /
do not touch them and merge /
Rain reverse climbing walls /
diluting it to my step /
disintegrated material /
gently placed on the already flooded garden /
where I get lost /
where I try /
the earth caved in, I join /
meeting pulses /
Viva /

legs and feet have wings /
and leave desolate / ...
that reach the earth /
a big black eye /
projected space /
with his eyes that he forgot about her /
ears touching the ground /
listening to the sounds of roots /
the root of his belly became huge /
leaves and slight /
browsing / through this great
belly meat / abandons /
feel the pulse of air
Wind /
the leaf that clasps your fingers /
and sinking his face
in warm earth /
Ama. Marcia Théophile, São Paulo, 1970
the most sacred of all, the tree-female
forests of Brazil,
to remedy injuries.
Owns the tree, the color red
Wood very hard in substance
oval-shaped leaves, the fruit
is a spade a full moon
offering a balm,
its oil flows in ..................... same tree.
Kupa’ùva, Kupahùba, Copaiba
you turn in perfumes in its branches.
Tree of the Holy Spirit

The clouds are these nuvole.Che, Yano? / Skin disintegration, his eyes fall / nightmare in the night light that blinds / spaventado look nailed in the sand: / Millions of invisible light up arms. / They are renewed generous leaves / is deadly to human consciousness. / Bring the whole universe in himself ........................... Theophilo March 1988 Io Canto The Amazon

We seek an army of dreamers not win but we want a harmonious relationship between beings. We are the dreamers meaning of the universe, something more than science. We are the soul of matter. We are unpredictable and deep as the infinite universe ... Marcia Theophilo. (Alfredo d’Ecclesia)

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