What a world we live in and the absolute rubbish from the media

29 2020

What a world we live in and the absolute rubbish from the media

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For many months now, all reference the corona virus, hardly anything else. Never mind that every 15 seconds around the globe a child is sexually molested. Everyday estimated between 1200 to 1500 children are forced into the domain of sexual exploitation around the globe. Everyday estimated between 800 and 1000 children used within the production of childporn and also sadisctic (sado porn). No one in reality cares. I’ve seen the trafficking of such children. Many of such children do not exist as never registered at birth, but they are just that "children"! I saw and witnessed with my own eyes many of such children being trafficked. The U.N. quotes figures but does nothing to halts such. Leaders around the globe do nothing to halt such. Religious groups around the globe never do anything but are actually participating in such abuse. I always remember the quotes from the current pope: "no child is conceived without the will of god"?! "their suffering and misery will not be forgotten by our heavenly father"?! Easy isn't it? while having his next glass of expensive wine. Millions of such children sexually exploited globally over many decades but of no interest to them or the media. I’ve seen a lot of such exploitation at ground level and written to many including the U.N. but never ever any reply from such. But will never stop fighting "my own way" for such sexually exploited children. Again: what a world we live in? Look within our own nation, many cases of sexual abuse of little children but our shocking weak system of justice does nothing "hardline" to halts such abuse of children, social engineers and human rights run our system of justice as well as the religious intervention/inaction, quoting "we must forgive"?! but a child, once so abused, never ever fully recovers and their lives/future destroyed, but the offenders very often released on bail/parole? to me, there is no worse crime then the abuse of innocent children. No child has a choice to be conceived/born no matter which is quoted by the variety of religious groups globally. Each child is/should be entitled to their time of innocence. Look at the global more and more exposure of such within such religious groups. I know as i was a victim of such shocking abuse while at an orphanage at the hands of Christian brothers and priests. Power/financial gain always will be "no 1". Many of such "power brokers" and more part within this domain of sexual abuse of children. Will never ever stop my fight for the innocents. Again, what a world we live in. The media very seldom ever quotes writes on the above, why? dictated by? no gain to be achieved?

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