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Artist’s new project, WILDCARD! " The Jokers’ Edition, available at retail in the U.S. on June 3

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 14, 2003) ”€œMulti-platinum music superstar Sananda Maitreya/Terence Trent D’Arby has entered into partnership with Compendia Music Group;Michael Olsen, president of Compendia Music Group, made the announcement today.- Sananda’s self-owned label, Sananda Records, will work with Compendia Music Group regarding promotion, marketing and distribution of WILDCARD! " The Jokers’ Edition, the artist’s latest project, in the U.S..

The 19-track WILDCARD! is scheduled for a June 3 release in the United States, with the first single “Designated Fool” released to radio in April. This will be the first time that WILDCARD!, previously obtainable only through the Internet, will be available at traditional retail music outlets in the U.S..

In- 1987,- INTRODUCING THE HARDLINE ACCORDING TO TERENCE TRENT D’ARBY spawned two huge singles with “Sign Your Name” and "Wishing Well". The tremendous commercial and critical success of this first album drove the album to No. 1, making HARDLINE one of the most successful debut releases on record.

Subsequent albums were often considered adventurous in scope, garnering glowing reviews " like ROLLING STONE’s 4-star review ofNeither Fish nor Flesh: “”¦hès gripped by a powerful creative spirit and has the will and the guts to follow it, wherever it leads.” However, his increasing frustrations with the major label system had him seeking a change.During an interview with VIBE magazine last year, Sananda commented on the evolution of both his personal and professional life in recent years: “I was living with a sense of dissatisfaction regarding what I was expected to do. Something much deeper was pulling at me to take a more truthful look at the role I was playing, because it really wasn’t leading to fulfillment or happiness.”

Sananda has, in recent years, taken firm steps to change that, including the
resolution of his relationship with Sony, a move to Italy and taking a new name, all of which the artist has found “rejuvenating”. In the TIMES UK, Sananda says, “You can always re-invent . . You can cut it down at the root and put new ideas on top.”

“Everybody's got an opinion about the artist known as Terence Trent D’Arby,”said
Walt Wilson, general manager and vice-president of Compendia Music.“What is undeniable is that Sananda has one of the strongest and recognizable voices in music. It's been a long time since people have heard anything new from him . . . and everyone will be delighted with this new material.- Sananda is a great fit for this label- - wère excited to be working with him.”

About Sananda Records
Sananda Records was created in the year 2000 to provide a vehicle for the safe transport of inspiration from the point of the spark to the consumer with as little interference as possible. This ensures the purity of the product, better stewardship of the creative process and gives us both more flexibility in expression and more joy in creation.

We aim to present what we feel is currently underrepresented in the market place (which is not shrinking but expanding in different ways) and to have fun in the process. We are proud to be bringing our ’WILDCARD’ project to America and we are proud of our new association with the Compendia Group.- 

Sananda Maitreya
Darren D’Arby
Joe Bramante

About Compendia Music Group
Compendia Music Group, a division of Compendia Media Group, is an independent record company structured as four “parent” labels " Compendia, Light Records, Life? and Intersound Music " in addition to a distribution arm, Compendia Distribution Group. These labels, each with a separate staff and musical focus, produce and distribute a wide variety of music, including rock, Americana artists, country, R&B, Christian, gospel, inspirational and classical.

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