Get The New Anastacia Single, ’Left Outside Alone’ Now...

2004-02-22 17:18:16
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February 23 2004

Get The New Anastacia Single, ’Left Outside Alone’ Now...

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Anastacia is back with a brand new single and album. The new single is called 'Left Outside Alone' and will be in stores on March 15th but you don't have to wait that long, you can download the track right here, right now:

Click here to download 'Left Outside Alone'

Anastacia's eagerly anticipated new single 'Left Outside Alone' marks a very welcome return and change of musical direction for Anastacia. From its haunting, emotive opening to the powerful, compulsive hook of the chorus 'Left Outside Alone' showcases Anastacia's ever expanding range as both a singer and songwriter.

As she explains, "I wanted to move more towards a rock sound for this record and it really has added so much to this recording. I challenged myself as a writer both lyrically and melodically and from that perspective I'm really happy with the album".

'Left Outside Alone' is the first track to be taken from the forthcoming album 'Anastacia', which will be released on March 29th.

'Anastacia' is her third studio album and follows the 2002 hit album 'Freak of Nature'. After selling in excess of 10 million records, Anastacia believes that the new album is her most personal and important album to date.

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