Microsoft Bolivia and Ricky Martin Foundation join forces in Bolivia to project children and youngsters from dangers in the Internet

2008-08-03 15:22:48
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August 03 2008

Microsoft Bolivia and Ricky Martin Foundation join forces in Bolivia to project children and youngsters from dangers in the Internet

Microsoft Bolivia and Ricky Martin Foundation launch today an online child safety campaign to protect children and youngsters from dangers in cyberspace. The educational campaign seeks to educate parents, children, teachers and families on safe and responsible use of the Internet.

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This situation in Bolivia is aggravated by the proliferation of cyber cafes in the urban areas, where the local Unit that Combats Corruption considers them high risk centers for underage students.
The campaign’s centerpiece is the portal, which includes three educational videos featuring international superstar Ricky Martin, among other reference materials, in an effort to offer parents, teachers and children useful tools to protect themselves against sexual predators, identity theft, child pornography, phishing and violent content, among other risks associated with Internet use. The site provides important information on cyberspace terminology, Internet related risks and criminal activities, plus guides to surfing the Web safely, all in user friendly language.

Angel Saltos, Executive Director to the Ricky Martin Foundation, emphasized that “the Internet is an extraordinary platform for cultural exchange and learning, but the associated risks for minors are significant. Through Navega Protegido we offer families, educators, parents and minors basic tools to reduce the exposure children may have to the types of abuse that occur on the Internet. Education is our most powerful weapon for prevention. We are honored to launch in Bolivia this initiative, because it is through alliances that we gather strength for our cause.”

“Microsoft Bolivia among its priorities hopes that Bolivian children can safely use the Internet to their benefit. Since Microsoft was established in Bolivia our goal has been to develop the technological industry and to specially support the communities to become a high tech society”, said Nelson Cuentas, General Manager Microsoft Bolivia.

Microsoft and the Ricky Martin Foundation have been working closely since 2005 to develop Internet Safety educational materials for use throughout Latin America. As part of this alliance, Navega Protegido initiatives have been implemented in Mèxico, Costa Rica and Colombia. This new phase of the alliance has been launched in Puerto Rico and will be rolled out to other Central America and Caribbean markets in the near future, Bolivia being the second country.

About Microsoft
Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. ( )

About Ricky Martin Foundation
We are non-profit organization whose mission is to advocate for the well-being of children around the world in critical areas such as social justice, education, and health. People for Children, our flagship program condemns child exploitation. ( )

Source of the statistics: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, National Children’s Home Report., NOP Research Group and the London School of Economics.

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