Bibbiano's subversives monsters

05:39:03 PM
22 2019

Bibbiano's subversives monsters

On children snatched from families with false evidence to receive subsidies
and to entrust them to gay couples or unqualified ones

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What happened in Bibbiano, Italy, goes far beyond scandal and shame, because it shows that our civilization is deeply threatened by ideologies willing to destroy humanity itself and try to bring it to bestial, monstrous levels. It is not just incredible to think that a monster like Federica Anghinolfi and her accomplices have managed to create such a large criminal system, but it is also extremely alarming, because their purpose was evidently to subvert the society, destroying the principles on which the Civilization itself is founded. In the inquiry "Angels and Demons", for which we must thank a zealous Carabiniere (an Italian Police corp), the Italian magistrature is investigating 27 people but it is obvious that if this criminal scum has operated for many years, the people directly or indirectly involved must be many more. Among these criminals, several graduates, and what poses another reflection not only on what the university system is nowadays but also on the human and intellectual qualities of those who access it, evidently low-level people who then, and this is the most serious thing, even goes on to hold institutional positions. Among the accused several members of the PD (Democratic Party, which is the Italian main left political party), such as Andrea Carletti the Mayor of Bibbiano and two other former mayors. The PD, always ready to accuse of “Fascism” anyone who does not think like them, on these facts is silent... an immense silence that ideologically accuses them. This filthy scum that created a system that went on for several years, in which perfectly normal parents were accused of abusing their children, through the falsification of evidence, like drawings that were modified making them pornographic, giving electric shocks to children to brain wash them and manipulate their memories, oblivious creating enormous traumas to these families, with the aim of taking them into foster care… taking them away from their parents, to then entrust them to gay couples or unqualified ones and to steal funds from the State. The loans for each child entrusted goes from 70 to 400 euros (but according to another source from 200 to 400 euros) per day with a total annual expenditure for the Italian State of 4 and a half billion euros (12 million euros per day). The system may not be a unique case, because there are too many cases we have read about, where children were taken away from their parents with questionable reasons and, in this regard, "Il Giornale" (18/07/2019) informs us, through a their inquiry of the size of the "business" of the entrust: "In Italy there are at least 50,000 minors removed from their families and another 100,000 with the social services. The state spends from 70 to 400 euros a day for them, with an annual per capita expenditure of 73,000 euros. A business that of the “Casa Famiglia”, which according to some estimates could reach 6 billion and which it is mainly managed by third sector cooperatives. Meanwhile, every day cases are discovered of children who have been taken away from their families, with lies and false accusations of mistreatment." At a time when such monstrous things can happen and where propagandist shouters, and greedy speculators ready to do anything to serve the god of money emerge, instead of educated people, with a good heart, with a sense of duty, of community and service to their country and state, I do not believe that a "profound reflection" on society is enough, but that it is necessary to return to meritocracy, to the values of a tradition that guarantees fixed reference points and above all a direction that is necessary if we want to build a respectable society with solid foundations.

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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