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by Elaine Hunter, Apr 15, 2008 - Rate of Spontaneous Fission Neutrons From Uranium is 59.5+3 neutrons/g/hr

According to one reference:
from Proc. Phys. Soc., D.J. Littler, 1952: “A Determination of the Rate of Emission of Spontaneous Fission Neutrons in Natural Uranium”] the rate of emission of spontaneous fission neutrons from natural uranium is computed to be 59.5+3 neutrons/g/hr of uranium.

According to another reference:
Uranium-238 undergoes spontaneous fission at a rate 35 times that of Uranium-235. Though U-238 is not fissile, which means it does not sustain chain reactions, it is indeed fissionable, spontaneously so.

Neutrons produced by spontaneous fission may experience:
- Escape
- Non-fission capture by uranium
- Non-fission capture by other elements present

The size and shape of a quantity of uranium makes a difference in the relative number of neutrons that escape or get captured. The greater the surface area, the greater number of neutrons escaping.

Neutron radiation is known to be comparable to gamma rays as regards health hazards.

Briefly and roughly stated: Uranium normally and continually emits atomic particles called neutrons, traveling at high velocity.

Neutron and gamma radiation can penetrate armor or several feet of earth and is extremely destructive to living tissue. With neutron bombardment there is short-range effectiveness and no long-term contamination as it quickly dissipates after the explosion. No radioactive fallout is left behind

One of the most disturbing realizations about the harmful effects of neutrons is that there is no “smoking gun,” no evidence of what caused the harm. All sorts of methods could test the victims and NO test would ever reveal that neutrons [or gamma rays or x-rays] were the cause of illnesses, deaths or birth defects.


1. Neutrons are uncharged particles, thus atomic nuclei do not repel them. A neutron has mass but no electrical charge. When freed they make an extremely lethal form of radiation. The probability that a neutron [fast neutron] with an initial energy of about 1 MeV [million electron volts] will induce fission is rather low, but can be increased by a factor of hundreds when the neutron is slowed down through a series of elastic collisions with light nuclei such as hydrogen, deuterium, or carbon. The preferred way of slowing down neutrons is to cause them to pass through material of low atomic weight, such as hydrogenous material!

2. Neutrons are particularly effective in initiating nuclear reactions if they pass through water. The light atoms in water absorb some of the neutrons’ energy and do so without absorbing the neutrons themselves [elastic collisions]. Neutrons are thus slowed down to the point they moved with only the speed of molecules at room temperature. These thermal neutrons stay in the vicinity of a particular nucleus a longer fraction of a second and are more likely to be absorbed than fast neutrons.

3. The human body is hydrogenous material - a well organized body of water [75% or more], with some heavier molecules thrown in - which is damaged or destroyed when transformed into a small-scale water-moderated nuclear reactor by absored neutrons emissions.

[ J Miller wrote: "Neutron radiation is not produced in the manufacture of uranium hexafluoride. It is a natural consequence of the radioactive decay of U-235 , and occurs whether the uranium exists as a block of metal, an oxide powder, or liquid/gaseous uranium hexafluoride. "
I will, when I get more time, post info from a US GOV report that refutes his misinformation]

Elaine Hunter

NB: When will they ever learn? When will WE ever learn? When will we get beyond alpha and get on to beta, gamma, x and, especially for now, neutrons? All radiological emmissions are essential aspects of the physical profile [as compared to the psychological profile] of these insidious, surreptitious serial killers/maimers? What follows is based upon referenced research, NOT just my opinion, though it’s my opinion it is true and essential to characterized what’s really happening in terms of health effects and damage.

Source by Marco_Saba

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