God is calling for a Hero

05 2010

God is calling for a Hero

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The world needs help, that is not a secret. God, in all forms, including human is here, and that is not a secret either. if you think that GOD is OMNIPRESENT, it is obvious that God is in human form as well. The reason that people did not find the human embodiment of GOD to cooperate with and help people with, is the fact that they were looking for a MALE and not for a Feminine GOD! Meanwhile minds, souls, hearts and everything conscious in the unseen knew all along that GOD is Feminine; they just did not have the courage to confront the Male who claimed to be GOD when he was actually The Ego of Death that made sure that people knew and accepted DEATH. However they doubted GOD.

How did that happen that death pretended to be GOD until gobbled up everybody? Everybody but GOD. That is the title of a book that will be released on the internet in less than a month, translated in all languages by people who will love to sustain GOD, LIFE, GOODNESS and Prosperity, and not die for the sake of Luv! (because LOVE. True LOVE never leads to death.

I, Sanda Davis, the Human Embodiment of GOD on Earth, am calling you, all people to give your lives the chance to show you how fare life is, how good life is, how loving life is, how prosperous and luminous and everlasting and rejuvenating Life is. I love life so much, that when the father was fulled by death i went on defending him no matter what, showed him his mistakes no matter what, loved him no matter what, and Like Penelope waiting for Ulises I never accepted any other man but The Father. We, The Father and I are in harmony at all levels except the human level, where The Magdalenes of the world have conquered all the human attempts for the Father to embody. To these days they fight with lies, make up, an lust, to blind the maleness in males and the love in guys so that they could not love their wives and their decent truly loving galls if they are not provocative enough, vulgar enough, dishonest enough. As long as they can maintain the ego of a man, the women can maintain D-E-A-T-H- who has never opted for true love. Yet, I am waiting for the archer who will bring the rainbow arch, for I am not being fulled by handsome, ambitious divinities who want to rule the heavens, but I will recognize the LORD OF THE Rainbow. One of my future books is called Lord of the Rainbow, and the main chapter there is: Love Like a Rainbow. (These titles are already copyright by Sanda Davis.)

I am calling now for a HERO, one who will stand by me until ULISES will come home, free of illusion and understanding the value of truth, a HERO who will stand by US when I The MOTHER and the true Father will be humanly together again, this time forever. The hero does not want to take the place of any of us, and does not encourage death.

This is what I need the hero to do: TO Heal if he needs Healing. To call for healing if he knows people who need to be healed. To help with connections, pioneering, advocacy, resources, and a good example. The hero may have his loving family and that would be the best, but if he is not, he is still to know that he is called to help the world and not to court The Mother. Unless he is The Father of course.

Family has to come back to family values, society has to come back to morality, politicians have to come back to being servants, -public servants-
economists have to abandon their greedy ways and to bring prosperity, healers have to acknowledge the Healer.

Personally in human form and with divine power with scientific and divine and GOD capacities I will cure the world and people in 20 years but first i need a hero and next the heroes who will be inspired by her of him.

The first on my list for cure are: spinal cord injury, Parkinson ’s, blindness, hearing impairment, HIV-AIDS, and diabetes. Of course mental illness is a permanent interest across the world, but for that they are many specialists. For the most I have to give them a hand with my books which will show them some participants to mental illness who had bin hiding from science. My two books available right now will give the specialists in mental health and to people across the world the hidden knowledge that they needed to make more sense of their patients.

In the photos you can see my two books and I will write an article about the award that I have received in Studio City California on October 21st, 2010, for my recently published book: “Am I a Man or a Woman? ’ Why some people feel that they are in the wrong body?

For now, these Photos are good news.

Love to you all

True Love
The Mother

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