Federal High Court Sentences Genocide Convict to Death

2007-01-09 17:03:06
Wednesday 02:33:23
January 10 2007

Federal High Court Sentences Genocide Convict to Death

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Ethiopia: The Federal High Court has sentenced to death Major Desta Awulachew, who was accused by the Special Prosecutor, of committing the crime of genocide during the Derg regime in the former Higher 22 of the Addis Ababa City.

The 3rd criminal bench of the Court said that the evidences the Special Prosecutor presented to the court corroborate that the accused had committed the crime and the convict couldn't refute them.

The court's verdict indicate that Maj. Desta Awulachew had committed the crime while he had been serving as chairman of the so-called Revolutionary Campaign Coordination Committee in Higher 22, the Chairman of Higher 22 as well as member of the Red Terror Decision Committee.

The Court says the convict killed 55 people, tortured two and caused serious injuries by torturing 57 and unlawfully detained 949 others.

It also indicated that the victims were neither armed nor did they attempt to resist when the forces led by the convict arrest them from their respective residences, offices and along the road.

The convict committed the crime by leading a highly organized government force, supported by other sections, the court said, adding, he used to distribute arms during night time to execute the stated crimes and collect the arms in the morning in a discreet manner.

The convict was personally involved in committing the crime and coordinating others to do same, the court said.

The capital punishment would be carried out following approval by the president.

Addis Ababa

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