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Climate from space art competition

2018-11-29 16:20:03
Thursday 16:26:44
November 29 2018

Climate from space art competition

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ESA: Are you an artist with an interest in Earth observation and the climate? Do you fancy a three-month visiting artist post at ESA’s establishment in the UK? Then here’s your chance: enter the Climate from Space competition before 31 December.

ESA is hunting for a creative artist who can engage with the public on the wealth of climate data amassed by Earth observation satellites.

The winner will be offered a three-month, funded opportunity to develop an original art concept with ESA’s Climate Office at the European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications in Harwell, UK.

The final artwork will be displayed at the international Living Planet Symposium in Milan, Italy, in May 2019, and will be used to help communicate around the theme of climate from space.

The competition winner will work closely with the Climate Office, which manages the Climate Change Initiative, a research programme that generates long-term climate data records based on satellite observations of the polar ice sheets, ocean circulation, wildfires and numerous other aspects of the Earth system.

This work helps to advance climate knowledge and supports the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - the international body that facilitates global climate decision-making.

The idea is to go beyond scientists and use art to show a much wider audience how the climate is changing.

“Science and art are both human attempts to understand the world around us. We want to go beyond scientific tables and graphs, by collaborating with a talented artist to reach the wider public and engage them in current understanding of the dynamic change occurring across our planet,” explains Pascal Lecomte, head of the ESA Climate Office.

The competition invites professional or emerging artists to share original artwork concepts to convey the topic of climate from space and is open to nationals of ESA Member States. You must be 18 years or older to enter.

For more information visit the competition website and submit a draft design of your artwork - which may take the form of an illustration, graphical image, film or audio - by 12:00 GMT (13:00 CET) on 31 December 2018. click (short link)

A panel of artists and members of ESA will judge each submission on creativity, skill and on-topic relevance, and the winner will be notified on 25 January 2019.

Source by ESA

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