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Advertisements a brainwash on Australian TV

Sunday 15:58:02
February 10 2019

Advertisements a brainwash on Australian TV

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Up to few years ago Australian TV was civilized and at a very a high quality level compare to others but now when you watch a film you are also forced to spend 25% to 30% of your time watching advertisements and most of these advertisements are so repetitive and long lasting (some have been broadcasted for at last five years with no change) on our screens to become comparable to a brainwash system. We are talking in prevalence of advertisements that are selling insurances for funerals… According to an independent source advertising on Sundays reaches 42% in television programs. The insurance brainwash on 14/02/2018 at 01.46 PM W.A. time, according to the same source, was: "funeral insurance / life insurance / pet insurance were already repeated 37 times".
Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

Source by Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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