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Dying of parkour but nobody says anything

2021-01-08 18:42:52
Friday 18:44:54
January 08 2021

Dying of parkour but nobody says anything

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Parkour was born as a sort of obstacle course for the training and exercise of the army, but it has become an "acceptable" stunt in the collective imagination, the stuff of reckless kids but nothing serious; it is true that most young people of all generations, especially males, instinctively confront each other and with the environment that surrounds them and thus increase their experiences and learn to move more easily in the environment that surrounds them but television and the web give a distorted image of parkour. Almost nobody talks about the fact that this new pseudo-sports fashion is extremely dangerous, because it is an activity almost always practiced in unsuitable environments and without rules. In 2012 a 24-year-old Russian girl is at her first lesson in St. Petersburg, slips and falls from the seventeenth floor and dies; What comes naturally to ask is what kind of moron leads a person to a "first lesson" on the roof of a building. A rare case? In 2017 TGCOM24 headlined: “Every year 170 people die from extreme selfies: it is alarm even in Italy. In India, in 2016 alone, the victims were 76. Pakistan, the United States and Russia follow in terms of the number of lethal selfies" and if 170 are the annual deaths, but they are certainly many more, we must add all those who fall but don’t die and remain paralysed or maimed forever. The problem is obviously not only in the desire to show themselves, in the adrenaline and above all in the immaturity of the young people who practice these extreme activities but also and above all of our age in which generalized anarchy, in some countries more present than in others but in any case rapidly expanding, it has allowed many morons, subculturates, profiteers and criminals to access politics and the mass media, so the interest is no longer that of creating a society of true progress but only of what is the reflection of those who today are more and more in power, therefore a society more and more: idiotic, undercultured, of speculation, consumerist, criminal, etc. Who really has, among the individuals of power, an interest in stopping an idiocy that generates death, tragedy, destruction, violation of private property, etc.? how many have you seen? Who, the same ones who don't make a serious fight against drugs or paedophilia? Indeed, on television even the competitions between these idiots arrive, the pseudo-documentary programs where these unconscious ones show their stunts in architectural environments that are absolutely unsuitable for the physical activity they like and if a parent who goes against the "cultural" current dares saying something, the answer is: "dad shut up, you bring bad luck". And then one day your son is dead. Children learn from parents, from school and from society but today, thanks to a prevailing culture of bullshit and to those who generate it, many parents no longer say anything, television and the internet are there... and the new generations do not learn, while their brains are increasingly absorbed in alienating swiping a finger across a screen. He was twenty years old, a few problems, he liked boxing, marijuana every now and then, extreme sports and parkour and was very confident. One evening he comes home from his new job which he was happy with, his brother was asleep and his mother was not at home, a beer. The next day he is not home, then he is there, hidden by a tree after a fall from the railing of the balcony on which he liked to be so much. The twenty-year-old Federico Donato fell on his back on May 2, 2018 from the third floor of a house in Villanova sul Clisi, in the province of Brescia and telling the story of him, maybe it will save some boy's life. His father Jose ’Donato, with a whisper he shouts from the depths of his pain: "at least listen to your parents once, because your mother had told you a thousand times that sitting there is dangerous".

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

Source by Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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