6th International IUPAC Conferences on Green Chemistry

01 2016

6th International IUPAC Conferences on Green Chemistry

From cultural values to chemical weapons prohibition: scientists from all around the world debate on the new Green Chemistry frontiers

The 6th #International #IUPAC #Conference between the 4th and the 8th of September

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More than just energy and environment or agriculture and industry: the new Green Chemistry frontiers are opening up new fields of study concerning human issues, like the restoration and conservation of cultural values and the prohibition of chemical weapons. Green Chemistry, the “Good One” which is imposing new global strategies on development policies, is the focus of the debate involving 500 scientists coming from more than 60 different countries, meeting in Venice between the 4th and the 8th of September for the International IUPAC Conference.

This is the 6th edition of the Conference after the past ones in Dresden, Moscow, Ottawa, Foz do Iguaçu and Durban, taking place every two year. It is quite relevant that from Venice, capital city of what used to be the Serenissima Republic that brought beauty and arts across the Mediterranean Sea, originate new ideas and projects regarding cultural values and moral ethics with the Green Chemistry as a starting point from which banishing mass destruction weapons for good.

The meetings are being held at Centro Culturare Candiani of Venice-Mestre: the aim of the Conference, as said by professor Pietro Tundo of Ca’ Foscari University, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, is to put international level scientists in touch with each other in order to develop an expert network, thus promoting Green Chemistry knowledge exchange. The debate will make it possible to create relevant and top-notch technologies from a scientific, industrial and economic point of view, in order to guarantee a sustainable future development in the circular economy perspective.

The scientific contributions brought to the debate by scientists and scholars of Green Chemistry will be divided in five topics: Green Materials, Green Bioprocesses, Green Industrial Processes and Molecular Innovation, Green Energy, Green Policy, Sustainability and Safety. The presence of important companies like CEFIC (Conseil Européen des Fédérations de l’Industrie Chimique), CNR, Riken (Japan), PhosAgro, Solvay, Merck, L’Oréal, Pirelli, Symrise, SCG Chemicals. Iolitec, Mapei, Hitachi, ENI, AbbVie Deutschland, Perkin Elmer, Sunrise, offers the opportunity of exchanging industrial production best practices, providing global guidelines for a clean and sustainable chemistry. This event could provide positive feedback for research projects and technologies in Italy, for example in Marghera. Moreover, the event will be attended by African Institutional Delegations and International Organisations like UNESCO and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which will participate to the debate with two separate sessions on the 6 th and the 7 th of September at Teatro Toniolo in Venice-Mestre. The conference and especially the UNESCO Symposium, organized by IUPAC and PhosAgro, will be of great relevance for Italian research, directly involving UNESCO in the conservation of the Italian cultural heritage. The Conference of Venezia will propose a new project which will not only revolve around cultural heritage but also on natural sciences, focusing the attention on restoration and conservation of cultural values both in Italy and abroad. It is enough to consider what the Serenissima Republic gave to the Eastern borders of the Mediterranean Sea: a cultural heritage which only waits to be valorized and to be made known all around the world.

The #IUPAC Conference, organized in collaboration with the Consiglio Nazionale dei Chimici, is sponsored by seven Italian ministries and other national and international institutions.
The 6 th Conference timetable is available at www.greeniupac2016.eu

The IUPAC Conferences on #GreenChemistry are recorded on Wikipedia:

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Piazzale Candiani, 7 - 30174 Venezia Mestre

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Istituto di chimica biomolecolare, Cnr

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Segreteria Dais
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30172 Venice, Italy
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