Alexandru Carausu a monarchist in Romania

21 2007

Alexandru Carausu a monarchist in Romania

Interview by Matteo Cornelius Sullivan

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LA CIRCOLARE SPIGOLOSA: SU LADYSILVIA; Alexandru Carausu is the Chairman of the Movement for the Kingdom of Romania- " Iasi, one of the three monarchist associations in Romania, a Country that gained back its freedom only in 1990 after fortythree years of communist regime and now, since the first of January 2007 became part of United Europe.

Dr. Alexandru Carausu, the Kingdom of Romania lasted from 1866 to 1947 and then a long period of dictatorship followed; does Romanian people still remember about the traditions of the kingdom?

The answer is-  partially yes. It would be hard to estimate a number or a percent of Romanian people who still remember about the traditions of the Kingdom of Romania.  Older people naturally remember the years of the Kingdom. Many of them greet H.M. King Michael I of Romania on His visits- through the country, many of them congratulate His Majesty on such holidays- or occasions like Christmas, Easter, New Year of the 10th of May- - the day of the Romanian- monarchy, with a triple significance, as well as on His name day and birthday. - Many war veterans, survivors of the communist jails, or simply older people remember that Romania was a dignified, respected and prosperous country when she was a constitutional monarchy only- (1866-1947); that Romania conquered the national independence under the glorious King Charles (Carol) I who had the longest reign in our history (1866-1914); that Romania got united and entire under the reign of our second grat monarch, - King Ferdinand I (1914-1927), on December 1, 1918 when Transylvania joined the Old Kingdom following Bassarabia, that joined it on March 27, 1918, and North Bukovina, that preceded Transylvania for 3 days.-  A lot of (older) people remember the quick and many-sided development of the Romanian economy, education and culture during King Charles (Carol) II (1930-1940), continuing the essential foundations laid by our first two kings. Finally, they keep the- memory of the brave decision of H.M. King Michael I (1940-1947) who broke the alliance with Nazi Germany and joined the United Nations on August 23, 1944 ; and not least, His Majesty's desperate resistance against the communist plague, from 1945 to 1947, is another reason to be proud of our royal past.-  Unfortunately, the effects of a fierce and toxic anti-monarchist propaganda promoted by the communists until 1989, and also by their followers from 1990 to about 2000 are still responsible for a too low knowledge of the truth on the Kingdom by many Romanians.

The Monarchy in Romania finished because of a coup d'etat, are the Romanian monarchists intentioned to take any legal action?

The answer to this question is rather difficult. It would be hard to speak about any legal actions once the present constitution forbids- the question of the form of government for Romania to be ever raised. - However, this constitution was adopted in November-December 1991 and slightly revised in November 2003 by means of two referendums that were quite questionable.-  The Romanian people were never really asked whether they want a republic or a kingdom.-  Not only the Romanian monarchists but also distinguished scientists, artists, and some politicians think that Romania's return to a constitutional monarchy would have given us much more chances to join, earlier, the great family of democratic nations, to be again respected as a dignified nation as we were in the years- of the Kingdom. The civic society, the responsible mass media and even the Church could help Romanians to change their mentalities and to see the advantages of a Kingdom. The monarchists try to help our citizens to see the truth about monarchy since 17 years, but an effective change from republic to kingdom could be eventually decided by the politicians only, like in any democratic system. It is a sad reality that we still have a low quality political class, in its major part, but this cannot determine the monarchists to surrender.  

Was it considered illegal to be a monarchist during the communist regime?

Surely yes. There exists- deep and intrinsic incompatibilities between the communists and monarchy, between them and Christianity, between them and the sense of (private) property. During the dark years of the communism (1945-1989) and even from 1990 to 1996, our great King Michael has always remained a symbol of national identity, of national and individual dignity, of honour and faith, of wisdom and moral integrity.-  Just these qualities- determined the communists to hate- Him and to send Him to exile, prolonged even after the change of December 1989, until the end of 1996!.

What are the differences between the three monarchist associations in Romania?

I must inform the readers of La Circolare Spigolosa that many more monarchist associations exist in Romania. I cannot offer their exact number. Maybe the oldest and the most active is "King Michael’s Friends"- Society chaired by Mr Artur Chomic. - Its headquarters are located in the western city of Arad and it has branches in many cities, towns and even villages, most of them in Transylvania and Banat, but not only. They edit, since 16 years, the quarterly magazine-  Coroana de Otel (The Crown of Steel). Another strong association is Info RR (Information about the Kingdom of Romania) headed by Mr Valentin Popescu and Ms Sultana Gagea of Bucharest.-  The Movement for a Constitutional Monarchy brings together several distinguished monarchists of Cluj - the major city of Transylvania. King Michael I Association of Bucharest was founded (in 1990) by war veterans, former His Majesty's officers. SARMIS is- a monarchist association in the western city of Timisoara. The Movement for the Kingdom of Romania was- established in June 1992, by Dr. Dan Noveanu and other monarchists of Bucharest,- and its branch in Iasi, the north-eastern historic, academic and cultural centre, was founded on March 27, 1993. The Movement for the Kingdom of Romania- - Iasi got lawful recognition as an independent association on March 31, 2003 from the Court of Iasi County.-  About 20 Romanian monarchist associations met in the city of Sibiu, in the south Transylvania, on April 19-20, 2003 by the occasion of the- 1st Congress of the Movement for the Kingdom of Romania.- The initiative came from Mr James D. Milleew - chairman of the New York branch of the M.K.R. The local organizer was Mr Architect Dorin Boila of Sibiu, a quite distinguished Romanian monarchist. By that occasion, an Alliance for Monarchy was founded and joined by 14 associations. I cannot offer too many details about the monarchist- associations and the differences between them. Perhaps, it is much relevant what we have in common: the determination to uncover the truth about monarchy and the Kingdom of Romania, our unlimited veneration for H.M. King Michael and the Romanian Royal Family, our efforts directed to a restoration of the Kingdom.

You said that “The post-communist politicians continued with an anti-monarchic propaganda after 1990” why is that?

The former communist activists who took the power after overthrowing-  Ceausescu's dictatorship, on December 22, 1989, had a very low, or weak,- legitimacy. The monarchic traditions and the overwhelming personality of H.M.- King Michael- represented a great danger to them. The situation changed between 1997-2000 when a democratic coalition, the Romanian Democratic Convention, held the power, and also due to His Majesty's noble and prestigious efforts to help Romania with her access to NATO and European Union.-  His Majesty's tours in European kingdoms in 1997 and 2002, brought essential arguments for Romania's accession to these democratic organizations.

What are the activities of the “Movement for the Kingdom of Romania”?

These activities have been rather diverse, since March 1993 till now.-  We organized several conferences and symposiums with invited lecturers from Iasi but also from other cities; the most outstanding among them is the No. 1 Romanian historian, Academician Alexandru Zub, the director of the "A.D. Xenpopol" Institute of History of the Romanian Academy- - Iasi Branch. Other three younger historians from this institute spoke us about the Romanian kings and Kingdom. Our first and major event was the Symposium "The necessity of Monarchy in Romania" held, on November 6, 1993, in the lecture hall of the imposing building of "King Ferdinand I"- Academic Foundation. This meeting was attended by about 40 monarchists coming from the whole Romania, with the major contribution due to Mr Artur Chomiuc, Dr Dan Noveanu etc. Many journalists were also present.-  His Majesty Queen Ann of Romania were invited by M.K.R.- - Iasi to our city in June 1995.- H.M. The Queen attended a piano concert offered by the greatest Romanian piano player (and an outstanding monarchist) Master Dan Grigore- ; the concert had a charitable purpose. We organize holy services in churches on special days. Each of such meeting ends- with a speech given by an historian. Other older people offer memories from the years of the Kingdom.-  A major achievement of the M.K.R. - Iasi was creation of its website ,- released in 2002 by our younger fellows- Mr Andrei Muraru and Mr Alexandru Muraru. This was also the site of The Alliance for Monarchy.- Unfortunately, this web page could not be maintained after the fall of 1995 when the Muraru brothers were nominated as advisers to Mr Prime Minister's Office in Bucharest.-  Since 1992, the M.K.R.- - Iasi kept a rather intensive correspondence with H.M. King. Michael and The Romanian Royal House- and with monarchists in several Countries. Let us mention our great friend and supporter of Maryland, Mr Walter L. Moore.

How many do you think the monarchists are in Romania?

It would be hard to give a figure. Anyway, there are thousands, maybe tens of thousands of them. It is more important their quality. Some of them are members of monarchist associations, others simply love our King and respect our monarchic traditions. The monarchists, either in Romania or elsewhere, do not long for political power, for wealth, for glory. They simply- venerate a monarch and respect the many values of the constitutional monarchies - the most normal, tolerant and democratic societies in the world.

Does your King has any role in your Country’s life?

Yes, His Majesty has a quite important role, but not a political one. He is the symbol of all what has been dignified, noble and decent in the modern Romania. He- was representing a hope and a landmark for the anti-communist resistance, for the oppressed Romanian people during half a century.-  He is an example of modesty, faith to God and to His country and people, respect for the national interest and for the heritage coming from His ancestors, responsibility and tolerance. The Romanian Royal House is a most special and important institution. It cannot be any more ignored or denied by any politicians, even when they are genuine republicans. Monarchy created the modern state of Romania with its democratic institutions and worldwide prestige.-  I have mentioned His Majesty's role to Romania's approach to NATO and E.U.-  But H.M. The King's personality represents much more than that. For us- - the monarchists- - His Majesty is not merely "the former king of Romania" but our magnificent and beloved Monarch for ever.- The Romanian Royal Family is also much more visible due to the humanitarian projects and programs sustained by Princess Margaret Foundation and by the prodigious activity of Radu Prince of Hohenzollern-Veringen, H.M. King Michael’s son in law and the Special Representative of the Romanian Government since September 2002.


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