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The University of Craiova Romania

2009-10-13 01:13:51
Tuesday 01:17:51
October 13 2009

The University of Craiova Romania

And the cheerful management of European funds

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Whoever of you want to know how to divert funds destined to the Partners for their own benefit and pass the inspections (?????) of the Leonardo National Agency and how to fail the Reporting Manual issued by the European Commission can ask how to do to the Faculty of Medicine and Sports of the University of Craiova in Romania. This is the epilogue of a story that has seen the SCUE Office involved in a Leonardo da Vinci project completed according to the dictates of the Community and that sees the writer, at the moment, as a creditor of 8.851.50 euro that the above indicated faculty does not want to return because, obviously, they have been used for other domestic issues. We have urged the Chancellor of the University who has not deigned to answer , probably too busy to administer public affairs, today we have invited the Dean of the Faculty to comply, without receiving a reply, we called and wrote and phoned but alas, we know how they act in certain countries. We also informed the Romanian Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Education but world is the same all over and, apart from a laconic message of a Secretariat, nothing else. Are we still convinced we can obtain Europeisation??? The wolf loses its hair but not its vice. Moreover, with the opening of borders, here in Italy, this is a normal attitude of a certain fringe of Romanian citizens who endanger the work of all those honest people who send from Italy to Romania something like 600 million Euros per month. You read right 600 million Euros, an unexpected windfall for that government.

In conclusion, we hope that the money taken by the Department Medicine and Sports of the University of Craiova can return to those who worked honestly, even if we now, after two years we have very very strong doubt about it. Alessandro DE DONNO

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